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The Chthon Cattery is registered by WCF in 2016.
We breed oriental, siamese cats and ukrainian levkoy cats.
If you are a resident of Russia in the Moscow region, you can contact us for the service of mating with our cats.


Chthon Cattery WCF certificate


  • World Felinological Center "Astra" - Thanks to WFC "Astra" represented by the President of the Center Natalia Vladimirovna Lebedeva for her assistance in organizing cat show activities and promoting rare cat breeds. WCF "Astra" website.
  •  "Fauna" Cat Fans' Club - Thanks to the  "Fauna" Cat Fans' Club - represented by Gulyanskaya Tamara Vladimirovna and Gudkova Alla Valentinovna for invaluable help in organizing our cat show. Site of the club.


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Phone: +7 (916) 524-40-51 Gennady
              +7 (916) 889-03-75 Tatiana
Email: info@chthon.ru