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Кот породы ламбкин

Lambkin cats

The name Lambkin breed received  due to the external similarity of the breed representatives with small lambs. The breed is a hybrid of Munchkin breed cats, from which kittens inherit short paws, and Selkirk Rex cats, from which curly wool is inherited.

This breed is at the start of its evolution and is currently registered in TICA as an experimental one.

A few breeders from all over the world are working on breed recognition through the WCF system.

Cats of this breed love to be the center of attention, they are curious and sociable. Lambkins are intellectual cats, they never break the order established in the house, they have a truly angelic character, do not choose their own only master, but unconditionally love all family members ... even a parrot (if there is one).

This cute curly creature will look and behave like a kitten, even as an adult representative cat that will undoubtedly please you and your children. With such a companion they will never be bored!