oriental cat (female) Chthon Johanna

Chthon Johanna

Date of birth - 30.11.2017
Color - brown (chocolate) b

oriental cat (female) Chthon Idyll

Ch., Best of best Chthon Idyll

Date of birth - 12.10.2017
Color - black n

siamese cat (female) Bella Andervella

Bella Andervella

Date of birth - 13.07.2014 
Color - seal tabby point SIA n 21

OSH Buffy Samarskay Fortuna

Buffy Samarskay Fortuna

Date of birth 08.04.14
Color - chocolate spotted  b 24

OSH Mrs Goldie Eye

Mrs Goldie Eye

Date of birth 20.07.13
Color - black n

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